there once was a very lonely, very frightened girl. she lived alone except for a nameless cat.


"LOVE" tattooed on the knuckles on my right hand and "DOGS" tattooed on the knuckles of my left

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you will search, babe, at any costbut how long can you search for what is not lost?
Anonymous: I thought you liked Taylor Swift though? Have you changed your mind? Or just making an observation about her character? :)

It’s complicated. Like I feel like I have no straight answer to this question and it sucks, because I feel like I spend half my time defending her while she continues to undermine what I am saying. Like she can go around saying she is freeing herself from her image in relation to men but yet it is still most of what she is focusing on, and it appears half the songs on the album will be about two year old two month lasting ‘relationships’. She can say she’s all feminism but write songs that will apparently be fighting with another women (despite her saying there is a special place in hell for women that tear down other women) and constructing these good girl ideas I talked about. She can complain all she likes about her media image, but she created and continues to create this image. I see she is trying to alter it but that is impossible when you are still dragging the same old relationships around. I don’t know how to argue the media should leave her alone when she literally does everything in the public eye and for the public eye (if you don’t want to 20 photographers following you you can avoid them, shocking idea I know). I can still enjoy her music (although sadly, I’m not as into her pop music she is releasing compared to her old stuff but I do hope there is stuff on her new album I like) and hope that my opinions change and she proves me wrong in these aspects. Like I hope the song about that female pop singer isn’t what I think it will be and I hope that she doesn’t continue to belittle herself by scrapping together songs that focus on men to promote herself. And I hope she is able to understand that words are just words, it’s nothing to preach you have changed and everything when you don’t put it into motion. I hope this answered your question, and sorry if it didn’t and if you want to talk about more of these things I am willing to do so.

what’s the difference between prada and miu miu? | lara stone by willy vanderperre for system magazine #4


*Tim Gunn voice* I’M CONCERNED

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rainy day in paris yesterday



taylor swift: i’m a feminist !!

taylor swift: *writes another song where she refers to her self as ‘a good girl’*

"I’ve got that good girl faith"

It sounds more mocking of that label tbh, to me at least.

isolated, sure you can go with that. but we are talking about the same person who puts herself in this dichotomy in you belong with me (as the nice special snowflake girl), better than revenge (as the wonderfully wronged virgin), and specifically in sad beautiful tragic where she says ‘good girls, hopeful they’ll be and long they will wait’ 

it’s not a one off throw away. it’s her once again putting herself into the position of the good girl vs. the terribly dark brooding male lead / or female antagonist