anne boleyn thought only with her heart and she got her head chopped off. so her daughter elizabeth made a vow never to marry a man, she married her country. forget boys. keep your eye on the prize. you can't make people love you but you can make them fear you.

"When her kiss transforms the Beast, she is furious.

"You should have warned me! Here I was smitten by an exceptional being, and all of a sudden, my fiance becomes an ordinary distinguished young man!""
------------- the 1909 play Beauty and the Beast:  Fantasy in Two Acts by Fernand Noziere, the very first published version of the story where the Beauty is disappointed when the Beast transforms into a human at the end.  (via woeful-walllflower)

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Elie Saab Haute Couture Autumn 2013

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"When they don’t love you the way you want to, you mourn that for however long you need to. But then you get back up and you remind yourself. You are not a reflection of the people who can’t love you. You will love again. You will be loved again." - Caitlyn Siehl 

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Daphne Groeneveld - Details at Carolina Herrera Spring 2015 | NYFW.